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Marital Moments is focused on building strong marriages by equipping couples with the proper tools needed to have a successful and lasting marriage. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

As you know, marriage takes WORK. Marriage can be one of the greatest experiences of the human condition. It works when BOTH parties are willing to live and love each other through the differing moments of marriage. There is a tremendous joy in knowing that you have a partner in purpose and passion who has your back through the good and the bad marital moments.

We are sure your marriage will changed for the better. Come to our seminars with an expectation to here the TRUTH about what it really takes to invest in and maintain the marital relationship.


  • Take the guesswork our trying to please your wife or girlfriend and begin loving her in the way she needs.
  • "Two key solutions: 1) In the face of insecurity, reassure her. 2) Even after you’ve caught her, continue to pursue her."
  • To her "It’s irrelevant whether she should ‘know logically’ that she’s loved. If she doesn’t feel loved, it’s the same for her as if she isn’t loved."
  • What is she really asking (but not actually saying)?
  • *(From the book For Men Only by Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn)
  • WOMEN:*
  • If a man’s wife believes in him, he can conquer the world—or at least his little corner of it.
  • Why Your Respect Means More to Him than Even Your Affection
  • "For a man, bringing home a paycheck is love talk, pure and simple. He has something to prove (‘I can take care of you, I am worthy of you’) and he wants to deliver."
  • Did you know that sex unlocks a man’s emotions? Did you know that you hold the key? Do you know how strong this need is for him and why?
    *(From the book For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn)

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